The right common

Our sensitive countryside is the best we can offer you as a tourist.You have the right to wander freely throughtout our countryside, to bathe and swim in our lakes, to pick flowers and berries. But nature’s riches and wonders are only lent to us during our time on earth. Allemanrätten – freely translated; every one’s right – is therefore an agreement with both rights and commitments. You may stay and roam freely in the countryside – but you are not allowed to damage crops or forestry plants. You are not allowed to cross over tilled land or gardens. Respect others privacy! You are not allowed to break off twigs or branches, or remove bark from trees or bushes. You must never chop down trees! You may freely pass over fences and through gates – but close gates after you. You are not allowed to build a fire in times of drought so check the present situation with the local Fire Department. You must only build fires in specially arranged places and be sure to put out the fire properly begore you break the camp. Never light a fire if there is the slightest risk of damaging the nature in any way. You may camp for one night on other people’s land – but not close to houses or in gardens. You may pick berries, flowers and mush-rooms – but of course not from cultivated land. Hunting and fishing is never included in ’’allemanrätten’’ – but fishing licences are easily and cheap obtained. You must not damage bird’s nest or even distrurb the birds. You must keep your dog leached during the period of March 1 to August 20. Other times you must keep your dog under surveilance. Any motorvehicle is striktly prohibited offroad. You may park your car or caravan/trailer on the side of the road provided it does not interfere with the traffic. Personal water craft (Jet-skis and similar) must only be used in the areas specifically designated by the County Administration Board. Do not litter the countryside and think of the others, leave the countryside as you found it! When the need is urgent and nearet WC is far away you need s small spade or similar to dig a hole and coverit well. This is especially important when you are in areas visited by many people, for example popular islands and beaches. You can enjoy and experience the freedom of nature in Sweden but breaking these simple rules of ’’every one’s right’’ is a punishable offence.